Time – implications of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Time does not run at the same speed everywhere. It runs very slightly slower at the earth’s surface than at 100,000 ft. altitude. Riding in a spacecraft at the speed of light you would not age at all. Time would stand still. That would be boring with nothing happening!¬†Time is not like the normal 3 dimensions. Time is a fourth dimension through which we “fly”, a one way street. The theory of relativity tells us that we are flying through time at the speed of light. Hard to understand, but that is what the calculations tell us. Seems to me that time is going pretty fast, but that fast?¬† Do you feel it?

Gravitational Waves – verified!

This amazing scientific achievement was announced today, verifying Einsteins theory of relativity. We know gravity as the pull of the Earth; a steady dependable pull causing things to fall. There are events happening is space such as two black holes spinning into one another becoming one. The gravity field (pull) around this kind of event varies greatly with time. These variations are propagating away as a gravitational waves distorting the fabric of space. These waves can be detected with extremely sensitive instruments as now has been done. Here is a paragraph quoted from the announcement.

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