Big Canoe


I love both the Mountains and the Sea, the saltwater Ocean!

For many years we have had a second home in Blowing Rock, NC in the beautiful North Carolina Mountains. We loved it there. After moving from South Florida to the Atlanta area the six hour “commute” to Blowging Rock became too burdensome while the 12 hr. drive from South Florida was OK. Go figure.

Once settled in the Atlanta area we decided to look closer to home. What we found in Big Canoe is incredible. Our home there is located at 2,950 ft. with views to kill for, in a beautiful Mountain setting! Usually it is 10 degrees cooler than where we live in Kennesaw. The Big Canoe Community maintains the natural state as much as possible, which suits our desires. It is in a NATURAL setting, not like a “Development”.

The amenities are incredible, everything one could want in one community!

Let’s face it, today, time is our most precious gift. Big Canoe’s location means less time spent driving to your mountain retreat and more time spent sharing the pleasures of nature, golf or fishing and boating in a community where people care about the environment.

Located in the foothills of North Georgia Appalachians, Big Canoe is just one hour north of Atlanta. We have found that it is the perfect retreat for the weekend, for our vacations summer and winter – all because it is so nearby and steeped in nature. Properties can be found with beautiful views either towards Atlanta or to the Mountains north of Big Canoe.

With nearby highways and excellent communication services, Big Canoe has a growing population including residents who commute to work.

Make the move to Big Canoe while it still is affordable, because prices there are likely to be going up as the economy recovers.

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