Cobb County Commission Chairperson

Tim Lee has done a great job. We should keep him on the job as Commission Chairman!
I don’t understand the people who say that Tim Lee should not have negotiated in secrecy with the Braves; the only way this deal could be done was in secrecy.
The bond issue. Yes, it is a large amount. However, it will be paid back over many years with dollars that are worth less every year.
Don’t forget that getting the Braves to Cobb will stimulate business in Cobb resulting in more jobs and more tax revenue. How can people fail to “get that”?



The Government does not want you to understand the effect of 2% inflation. 2% may not sound like much but it ADDS UP!

The US Government is gradually wiping out the National Debt through inflation. This is not only here, it is everywhere. Each year it costs less in Real Dollars to repay the National Debt. That’s a good thing, right? Not so fast. People who have saved their money and invested in the debt with 2% inflation will each year lose 2% of the value their savings. Who benefits from this loss? The Government. It is like a tax.  Continue reading