Engine flush? DON’T DO IT!

I took my 2003 Mazda 6 to a Goodyear dealer for an oil change. It had been running perfectly, burning no oil. They had performed an unwanted engine flush. After that the engine burned oil like crazy. Then the engine failed completely in a very noisy manner. Mark VanWinkle of Blue Moon Auto. located and installed a 2006 engine of similar mileage. The car is back performing as it should A word to the wise: do not ever let anyone perform an engine flush on your car. Engines don’t need to be flushed! Don’t let anyone make money by ruining your car’s engine!

4 thoughts on “Engine flush? DON’T DO IT!

  1. Information provided by Marc VanWinkle of Blue Moon Auto. — During an engine flush, the oil is replaced with a solvent and run for a considerable time. The solvent works pretty poorly as a lubricant, and can lead to all kinds of damage. It’s my opinion that if an engine is so badly sludged that a few repeat oil changes will not clean it then it will not be saved by an engine flush, and that if it’s not so badly sludged then it doesn’t need to be flushed. There are some other systems that occasionally can benefit from flushing, but the engine is definitely not one of them.

    • They took no responsibility. I could not follow up with them because I had not wanted this service. I refused to pay for the unwanted service. So, it was not on the bill. I have read stories where other people have had the same experience and where the service provider refuses to accept responsibility leading to lawsuits. They sell the service to make money. They even tried to get me to pay alleging that it was something I needed to have done! I knew better. Actually my Bachelor’s thesis at MIT was on Internal Combustion Engines like the trusty old V8.

    • I realized what had happened too late to do anything about it. Also, they said that they had done it free of charge keeping it off the invoice making it very difficult to take action against them. I knew what they had done but had no proof.

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